Our Services

Maritime and Security Consultancy

Craye Group provides consultancy services to Military units, maritime shipping companies and port facilities around the world. With the current threat of piracy, especially off African coasts, dictates the current security measures that are needed to safely ensure smooth, uninterrupted operations. We offer training and advice to security teams, and our instructors and mentors are former Royal Marine Commandos with decades of experience in both operational and instructional roles.

We provide risk assessments of ships and port facilities, Oil and Gas facilities, banks, and businesses that require a higher level of security.

Cash in Transit Solutions

Cash in transit (CIT) can best be described as the transport, delivery and receipt of valuables such as cash, securities, jewels, bullion and other financial instruments using escort services in armoured or 'soft skin' (non-armoured) vehicles (Comcare 2009).

We at Craye work with Industry leaders and manufacturers to bring you comprehensive solutions to cash security and transportation problems. Our products include the industry standard “Grey box”. These grey boxes can be fitted with smoke and dye canisters, ink, as well as alarm systems with Dallas key management. They can be rack mounted in vehicles, stacked on to trolleys or in bags and carry cases. This system guarantees your cash and valuables can be transported from point to point without worry of theft. Our services include training in vehicle anti ambush drills, tactical awareness, defensive driving techniques, first aid and trauma medicine.