Craye Consultants

Craye brings you expertise particularly in maritime and corporate security. Through our team of industry experts with decades of experience we can provide comprehensive solutions to your problems. Our industry partners have been well established over the years, particularly in the West African market.

We have also teamed up with Industry leaders to provide security products for cash in transit solutions. We can supply banks and companies that handle large quantities of cash with safe and secure transport solutions.

Quality Assurance

We strive to be the best in the industry by ensuring our products and services exceed quality control standards. We are working on achieving industry certification and ultimately ISO accreditation.

Commitment and Drive

Our purpose is to express our commitment and loyalty, dedication to work and drive by being focused on delivering world class products and services, by striving for excellence within the industry, and by constantly seeking to develop services and products to develop the company into a market leader.

Competitive Advantage

We are in a position to offer outstanding services due to our understanding of African culture and business practices, and our extensive experience on the continent.